Starburst Gemstone Necklace


Starburst Gemstone Necklace

£35.00 £25.00

Beautiful. Gemstone necklace with spiritual meanings and guidance. Starburst shape and detail, a free spirited design.


Beautiful, eye catching sunburst necklace with a semi precious gemstone.  Rose gold plated with Rainbow Moonstone for protection & good luck.  A mini disc with the Stara star emblem finishes the design, accompanied with beautiful packaging.  A perfect gift for adventurous souls with big dreams and ideas.

Boho inspired, perfect for festivals, summer parties and weddings.

Stara is a new semi-precious gemstone collection by the successful jewellery brand Estella Bartlett.  Designed in London, and created with hand selected semi-precious stones from travels to Jaipur, India. The collection brings affordable luxury which is beautifully packaged, making a perfect gift for somebody special.

Presented with a hexagonal shape gift box, a soft pink, which represents Jaipur the Pink City and its architecture. The Stara star, represents the astronomy and cosmology in Hinduism.

Included is a gemstone guidance to understand the meanings and care booklet.

Bracelet also available.


Gemstone with precious metal –

Rose Gold Plate.

22 inch – could be made smaller.