Hexagonal Gemstone Necklace


Hexagonal Gemstone Necklace


Beautiful. Gemstone necklace with spiritual meanings and guidance. Cut in a contemporary hexagonal shape.


A beautiful precious gemstone necklace.   Blue Chalcedony set in Silver plate – for harmony & intuition and Rose Quartz set in Rose Gold plate.  A disc with the Stara star emblem finishes the design.

Find inner peace and let your mind wander – coming soon!

Presented with a hexagonal shape gift box, a soft pink, which represents Jaipur the Pink City and its architecture. The Stara star, represents the astronomy and cosmology in Hinduism.

Stara London is a new semi-precious gemstone collection by the successful jewellery brand Estella Bartlett.  Designed in London, and created with hand selected semi-precious stones from travels to Jaipur, India. The collection brings affordable luxury which is beautifully packaged, making a perfect gift.

Beautiful wedding jewellery for the bride or bridesmaids.

Included is a gemstone guidance and care booklet.


Rose gold plated with Rose Quartz – SOLD OUT

Silver plated with Blue Chalcedony.

18 inch – could be made smaller.

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Silver or Rose Gold?

Silver, Rose Gold