Gemstone Pendant Necklace


Beautiful 19mm Gemstone necklace with spiritual meanings and guidance.


Stara London is a new semi-precious gemstone collection by the successful jewellery brand Estella Bartlett.

Designed in London, and created with hand selected semi-precious stones from travels to Jaipur, India. The collection brings affordable luxury which is beautifully packaged, making a perfect gift.

Presented with a hexagonal shape gift box, a soft pink, which represents Jaipur the Pink City and its architecture. The Stara star, represents the astronomy and cosmology in Hinduism.

Gorgeous as wedding jewellery for the bride or bridesmaids.

Included is a gemstone guidance and care booklet.

Available as:

  • Gold plated with Aqua Chalcedony. For sisterhood & tranquillity. Radiate positivity and discover emotional balance.
  • Silver plated with Blue Chalcedony. For harmony & intuition. Find inner peace and let your mind wander.
  • Gold plated with Labradorite. For balance & perseverance. Clarity and guidance on your journey to self discovery.

made from: Natural Gemstone.

dimensions: 19mm gemstone. 18′ necklace.

product code: 720563

Additional Information

Gold & Aqua Chalcedony, Silver and Blue Chalcedony, Gold and Labradorite