Antique Bobbin Candlestick


Rustic candlesticks, made from old mill bobbins.

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We love vintage objects that have been given a new use for today’s living trends. Showing their past life and history with visual ageing and wear from their hay day.

Made from old bobbins from a textile mill near Manchester circa 1913, now a decorative and functional object for interior’s today.

Made from wood, size 1 & 2 are finished with either brass or pewter with a diameter of 2cm for a dinner candle. The giant size has a small spike for a pillar, church or spherical candle.

One candlestick included for size 1 & 2, not size 3.

Different heights available. Each one is unique with its own patina and wear & tear. If two are ordered, we will do the best match available at the time of the order. These will not be identical.


Size 1 – 20 cm high.

Size 2 – 27.5 cm high.

Size 3 – 40 cm x 17 cm diameter

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