Starburst Gemstone Bracelet

Starburst Gemstone Bracelet

Beautiful. Gemstone necklace with spiritual meanings and guidance. Starburst shape and detail, a free spirited design.

Rose gold plated with Rainbow Moonstone. For protection & good luck. For adventurous souls with big dreams and ideas.

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Beautiful, eye catching starburst bracelet with Moonstone gemstone.  Gorgeous wedding jewellery for the bride or bridesmaids and perfect for festivals and summer parties.

Moonstone is for protection and good luck, adventurous souls with big dreams.

Designed in London, and created with hand selected semi-precious stones from travels to Jaipur, India. The collection brings affordable luxury which is beautifully packaged, making a perfect gift.

Fully adjustable with an exquisite clasp which tightens the bracelet to your wrist. Simply pull to desired size. A disc with the Stara star emblem finishes the design.  Necklace also available.

Presented with a hexagonal shape gift box, a soft pink, which represents Jaipur the Pink City and its architecture. The Stara star, represents the astronomy and cosmology in Hinduism.

Included is a gemstone guidance and care booklet.

**Coming Soon**  Silver plated with Blue Chalcedony. For harmony & intuition. Find inner peace and let your mind wander.


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Blue Chalcedony, Rainbow Moonstone